1.Experienced Mold Building Technology:
AsOne ‘s key advantage in producing for the high-end market is our well-trained team of experienced mold building and tooling calibration technicians.

2.Advanced Shearing Equipment:
We cut our own steel and inspect and manage inventory to make sure that the best quality material is being used on a First-in First-out system for productions. Our in-house coil cutting machine provides the best-protected material for press process to reduce appearance defects.

3.Automated Press Lines:
In addition to fit, appearance is also an important aspect of a replacement auto part. In-house press machines reduce the possibility of defects due to dust.

4.Innovation of fixtures checking:
Our company stands out as an innovator and early adopter of increasingly strict standards.We are the first to develop and utilize checking fixtures with an enhanced striker checking mechanism.

5.Strict Quality Control:
Before mass production begins, sample lots are run and inspected for fit and appearance to insure that all subsequent products will be of high quality.

6.In-home E.D.P System:
AsOne own pollution-free electro-deposition painting (EDP) system. After assembly, the high efficiency EDP coating system using PPG paint, is applied to every part to provide an extra layer of quality rust-proofing to meet high-end market needs.