Experienced Mold Building Technology

AsOne 's key advantage in producing for the high-end market is our well-trained team of experienced mold building and tooling calibration technicians. However, to compete in the fast changing global market, AsOne acquired high-technology equipment to upgrade its capacity and capability. Fit is the most important aspect of a replacement part. Stringent variance analysis, using coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) & vehicle test fits (VTFs), validates that the best OEM sample part has been chosen as a master for reverse engineering and used to develop an exact prototype of the original. Once chosen, precision scanning machines are used to obtain the digitized data of the OEM sample part. Using the CAD/CAM automated design system, an original male or female mold is produced based on the digitized data of the model generated by the scanning machines. When the data passes through the workstations, the original outline is smooth and restyled. Decoration is then added by cutting along the outlines.
In the five-phase milling machine center, on the basis of the NC computer program, precise engraving is added to the rough mold, and final milling completes the procedure. Before mass production begins, each mold is tested to assure compliance to quality standards.


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